What kinds of audio and video files does Home Row, Inc. transcribe? 
At Home Row, Inc. we’re happy to work from most any digital audio or video format, including MP3, WAV, MP4, DSS, 3GPP, QuickTime MOV, and others. If helpful, we can also convert media files from one format to another.


How are my transcripts delivered?
Though we’re always happy to return transcripts in simple text, PDF, or editable Microsoft Word format, Home Row, Inc. also partners with Synchron Voice and Video, Inc. to offer timecoded transcripts formatted for litigation support software, including LiveNote Evidence Format, TrialDirector, West Case Notebook, RealLegal, and more. Alternatively, use Synchron’s free playback application to synchronize your text and playback, search for and hear key phrases, bookmark important clips, and find that perfect video take! 

Ask us about adding caption format to your transcripts, and easily pair on-screen text with YouTube videos to optimize accessibility and maximize video SEO.


My project is a rush! How soon can I get my transcripts? 
We do offer next-day and even same-day service, as needed. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.


Are my files and transcripts secure?
At Home Row, Inc., we take client privacy and the security of recorded media very seriously. At its most basic, our file transfer service offers military grade 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption security in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest. Our typists are carefully vetted industry veterans who work under strict non-disclosure agreements, and all audio and video files are promptly and permanently deleted from our servers as each project completes. Additional security options include transcript redaction (the removal of identifying names and places from your document before delivery), media encryption before transfer, transcript encryption and password protection, and even private, insured courier delivery of printed documents, DVDs, and hard drives. Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions, concerns, or special instructions regarding your pending project.


Can I have you include time markers in my transcripts, and is there an additional charge for this? 
We are happy to include elapsed or offset time markers within your transcribed text, at varying intervals and in varying styles. There is no additional charge for this service.


My files are very large and are taking a long time to upload. Is there any way to speed this up? 
The length of time files take to upload to our site is mainly a product of the Internet speed where you are uploading from, and sadly, many services tend to pair slower upload bandwidth with a faster download speed. However, it’s likely possible that you can convert your files to a smaller format that is still perfectly fine for transcription purposes. For this, we typically recommend NCH Switch for audio files and NCH Prism for video files, both of which offer fully functional free trials. Please feel free to contact us for more guidance regarding media conversion, or for step-by-step instructions catered to your project.


What options do I have for uploading files for transcription? 
To upload files via our Web site, please visit our Upload page. For file transfers we partner with SendThisFile, whose service employs military grade 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption security in transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest. For regulated and U.S. government clients, we now offer transfer via Aspera’s (IBM) approved FASP™ Security Model.

We also welcome clients who prefer Dropbox, Hightail, or Box.com as an easy, efficient way to share audio and video files and folders. At the moment, Dropbox, Hightail, and Box.com do not send notifications when a new file added to a shared folder. Be sure to give us a call or to send us an email to let us know whenever you are sharing folders or adding new files!

You are also welcome to send us links to files or Webcasts directly via email, or to use any other file sharing or FTP service. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help sending us your files for transcription.


Can I record dictation or interviews on my iPhone or Android device? 
Yes! NCH PocketDictate allows you to record, review, and send audio files for transcription directly from your iPhone. New options for audio and video recording are added every day to both the iTunes Store and Android Marketplace.


Do you offer foreign language transcription and translation? 
We are happy to offer transcription and translation to and from English, Spanish, and French audio and video. Please contact us to discuss your project needs!


Will you transcribe everything you hear word for word, and can I ask you to redact or remove identifying information from my transcripts?
As a rule, we typically transcribe all words spoken as is, with no edits or omissions, though we do exclude ums, uhs, stutters, and immaterial false starts to make for a more easily readable document. Depending on the context, we may make small grammatical updates as needed to conform to AMA or MLA writing style, or transcribe literally as spoken, including any slang, vernacular, or regional dialect. If you have a specific preference in this regard, feel free to let us know!

Beyond this, Home Row, Inc. offers two levels of optional transcript redaction: Simple, whereby speaker names alone are replaced with initials, and full, whereby we redact all individual names, geographic locations, school or professional affiliations, and related potentially identifying information from your documents before delivery.


Can I ask you to transcribe only part of my files? 
We are happy to transcribe only part of your media files, and of course will only bill for the minutes transcribed. Send us an email along with your file upload, with any special requests.


Do you accept video files with embedded timecoding? 
We accept all digital video with embedded timecode content, including SMPTE tracks, window burns with on-screen timecode, and QuickTime embedded timecode.


I’m using a proprietary media format. Can you work from my files? 
If you’re using it, we’ve likely seen it before! Happy to process proprietary Sony DVF files, DCT dictation audio, and other proprietary media formats. If we can’t access your files directly, we’ll work with you to find an efficient solution.


Are your services HIPAA-compliant?
On demand, our internal access, storage, and transmission policies can be rendered HIPAA-compliant. Though some clients may prefer to encrypt their media locally before transfer, files and folders uploaded to us via our Upload Page are encrypted in transfer and do not need to be encrypted in advance to preserve HIPAA compliance. Should your project require HIPAA compliance, please Contact Us to ensure we log and process accordingly.


Can you prepare my transcripts for use in qualitative analysis applications such as Atlas.ti, Transana, and Dedoose?
Home Row, Inc. regularly timecodes and reformats transcripts for qualitative analysis applications, allowing clients to upload pre-synchronized transcripts and media directly into their data sets.  Please note: Transcripts for use within Dedoose can be uploaded using our default template. Transcripts for use within Atlas.ti and Transana will require minor reformatting, which we can provide upon request at no additional charge. Instructions as to how to upload your transcripts and media to Atlas.ti, Transana, and Dedoose can be found within these applications’ individual help files.


Whom should I contact with any other technical questions about my project? 
Please feel free to call our office at (212) 390-8466 or to email sales@homerow.us with any technical questions or concerns, and we’ll get back to you right away.